Medicare Supplement Plans

MidAtlantic Health Plan Advisors are licensed, appointed and authorized to offer Medicare Supplement products developed by Aetna, United Health Care (including AARP Medicare Supplement Plans), Humana, Cigna Healthspring,, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware, Mutual of Omaha and Transamerica.  These insurance companies offer a variety of Medicare Supplement products  that comply with state insurance requirements. While  the products are similar across companies, premiums and product features are not.  After a careful analysis of your healthcare needs and financial resources, we will make recommendations for supplement plans that will best meet your needs.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans include HMO, PPO, and private fee-for-service plans that can include prescription drug coverage. Some plans offer zero or low monthly premiums, low deductibles and/or co-pays, and all provide a  maximum annual out-of-pocket medical expense limit. A careful assessment of your medical providers, prescription drugs, and expected medical needs will help you choose the Medicare Advantage Plan selected to meet your individual needs. Our goal is to make sure your providers are participating in your plan, your prescription drugs are covered under the plan, and  help  you find plans offering the extra benefits  you may need, e.g., fitness, dental, vision, and/or hearing.

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Medicare Part D Pharmacy

Medicare Part D (Pharmacy) Plans are supplement plans to help defer the cost of prescription drug medications, that can be very expensive for some illnesses. MidAtlantic Health Plan Advisors will assess your current coverage and supplements and make recommendations for compatible Medicare Part D Plans supplementing any existing coverage without duplication of coverage or unnecessary costs to the member.  This ensures the maximization of coverage at the least cost to you. Such plans are most often paired  with a Medicare supplement product which does not provide drug coverage.  Many Medicare Advantage plans provide coverage of Part D Drugs as an included benefit.

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Medicare Special Needs Plans

Medicare Special Needs Plans are  Health Benefits Plans specially designed to offer extra care coordination  with Nurse Care Managers to help meet the unique needs of Plan Members who qualify.  These include Chronic Special Needs Plans (CSNP) for enrollees with certain medical conditions like Diabetes, Heart Failure and COPD; and Dual Special Needs Plans for enrollees who qualify for both Medicare (due to age or disability) and Medicaid (State Medical Assistance). These Plans offer Members extra benefits to help them manage their care such as  Transportation, Dental, Vision Hearing and some offer Over the Counter Drugs.  Extra Benefits vary by Plan, but all Special Needs Plans are able to enroll individuals who qualify throughout the year. 


Dental, Hearing, and Vision Plans

Dental. Vision and Hearing Plans are designed to further supplement Medicare with health benefit services not covered under original Medicare.   While some Medicare Advantage Plans and most Special Needs Plans offer such extra benefits, Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans do not. Dental Plans offer dental services thru a network of Dentists, with lower levels of coverage, and waiting periods for major services, and annual maximums. Vision benefits offer eye exams and allowances for glasses or contacts thru a preferred network, Hearing benefits offer hearing exams and allowances for hearing aids thru a preferred network.  Some companies combine these three services  into one package. Explore Medicare supplement Plans in Delaware today.


Hospital Indemnity & Final Expense

Hospital Indemnity Plans are insurance policies that provide a cash benefit paid directly to  enrollees for each day of a hospital stay. Amounts paid per day and the number of days covered vary by plan selected  by the enrollee, but all such plans can help to cover the cost of hospital deductible or copay amounts associated with some Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plans, and reduce the cost of hospital stays. Most Plans refresh after 60 days. Final Expense Plans are  Life Insurance policies specifically designed to help with medical bills, funeral expenses and debt occurring at the end of life.  Some companies offer guaranteed acceptance and no medical exams for enrollees up to age 80.